About us

FeD Ltd. was founded by deed of association in 1994. Since its foundation FeD Ltd. has been developed continually and it has expanded its supply of goods. The company started with production of small farming needs. According to market demands the assortment of our good has been widened, especially production of garden tools, which nowadays make the most part of the whole production.

Company objectives

  • Be a modern, stable and successfully enterprising company
  • Provide stable position on the market and long-term gain
  • Abide by moral and ethic regulas
  • Implement progressive forms of production and modernisation of technological process, bringing productivity increase high saving expenses and quality for our customers
  • Support nature and environmental protection
  • Maintain high technological and aesthetic level of our products


The priority in management area is developing of creative and working potential of our employees and thereby providing production for customers according to their requirements.

Influence of bussiness activities on the environment

Handling with waste is realized in accordance with present rules and standards. The amount of waste is reduced by using modern technologies and where possible the waste is reused. The rest is disposed by contract-hired firms.

Manufacturing and bussiness strategy

FeD Ltd. is only minimally depended on subcontractors, because it provides complete manufacture. The production is realized with modern machines using new technologies.

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